Hosted Voice

Hosted Voice

A phone system used to be so simple with one or two line phones, but today, a phone system is so much more with the addition of features of such as presence, instant messaging, visual voicemail, video teleconferencing, etc. The VCoS platform allows your organization to take advantage of all the features of today’s sophisticated collaboration products from Cisco Systems without the headache of management or upfront capital investment.

With the VCoS solution, you are not bound by the limitations of your local phone system, Cisco’s suite of Mobility Applications allow one to collaborate anywhere, anytime.  Whether it be with a home extension or cell phone integration to the simultaneous ring on your office and cell phone, one will never miss a call.

In addition, the VCoS platform allows organizations to take advantage of the inherit disaster recovery and business continuity of a cloud-based platform. As the industry’s most skilled provider of hosted services, we are sure to deliver excellence at every opportunity by exceeding our customers’ expectations.

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