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We Provide Technology Solutions That Work For You

Outsourcing IT is a cost effective and efficient model that results in a quick return on investment. Hosted and Managed IT will reduce CapEx and OpEx while creating more predictable forecasts for budgeting, eliminating the need for future upgrades and unforeseen break fix expenses associated with a brick and mortar shop.

VBMS offers IT managed support services that can be tailored to fit any organization. Our expertise, experience and knowledgeable engineers afford us the ability to serve and deliver to clients of all sizes. From SMEs  to Corporate Enterprises, VBMS can provide service and solutions to fit your needs.

As a company that offers award winning IT managed support services, you can expect perfectly matched IT support packages, fast response times and seamless service integration, no matter how complex your IT infrastructure.

VBMS services and solutions allow organizations and businesses to focus on doing what they do best and leave the technical details in the hands of our experienced staff of engineers.


Our Experience Shows

Over 20 years in the industry

VBMS technicians and engineers combine skill sets and experience to deliver enterprise-level IT management without the associated overhead and loaded costs. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, you can rest assured that your technical needs will be met.

Our intention is to be the best IT managed support services company by achieving the fastest response times with the most reliable service and solutions. By exceeding our customers’ expectations, we are sure to deliver excellence at every opportunity.

As the industry’s most skilled provider of hosted and IT managed support services, with a reputation of trust and reliability, VBMS is the first choice for outsourced IT and managed IT services.

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A wide variety of IT solutions
Hosted Voice

A phone system used to be so simple with one or two line phones, but today, a phone system is so much more with addition of features of such as presence, instant messaging, visual voicemail, video teleconferencing, and more.


Whether you need to make your environment more efficient, improve availability, reduce your server footprint, or migrate a critical legacy application from outdated hardware, virtualization is something you should consider.

Managed Services

Let our knowledgeable engineers focus on the heavy technical lifting so that you can focus on your core business and customers. We can always help take your head out of the clouds and eliminate the guesswork.